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Applets Page

Source files are now available here.

  • PagestatL Applet

  • The PagestatL applet lets you know who visit your WEB page (hostname) and when it is visited. You receive a short message every time your page is visited, it will give you those informations.

  • PopupmenuL applet
  • Like it's name says, this applet features a pop-up menu for your web pages. Right now, you should be seeing some buttons in the top frame of your browser. These are pop-up menu buttons. Click on one of them to find out how it works. When you choose a location on the pop-up menu, the document is displayed in the bottom frame.

  • Display2 applet
  • The display2 applet is what you should be seeing now on the top frame of your browser. It features text and image display with the capability of making the browser go to a specific site when the user clicks on the display.

  • SendmailL applet
  • SendmailL is an applet that simulates a C.G.I. script that lets you post mail right from a web page, without invoking the browser text editor on a different window. It is configurable up to the button names from the html document, making it multi-languages capable.

    Java applets are easy to use, even if you don't know how to program in java at all. You include a java applet in a web page as easy as using the applet tag. Think of it as an image, you put an applet in a web page like you would put an image, but instead, it's a fully executable program that runs in the space you would have given to the image.

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